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About Chelsa

Chelsa Wagner is a native of the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh and a graduate of The University of Chicago. After college, Chelsa took her passion for policy and became a Business Analyst for a large private corporation, working to reform large state and municipal governments across the country. She returned home to attend law school at the University of Pittsburgh. She worked as an attorney in private practice until 2006, when she was elected to the legislature.

Now she resides in the North Point Breeze neighborhood with her husband Khari Mosley, their two children and their dog.



Protecting Your Tax Dollars

  • As Allegheny County Controller, Chelsa continues to improve the fiscal oversight and auditing functions of the office to ensure transparency and accountability in County spending.
  • Controller Wagner has been closely examining tax giveaways for promises of economic development both before they are made and to ensure that promised community benefits actually occur.
  • The Controller’s office under Chelsa Wagner regularly and reliably calls attention to lack of oversight and cost overruns on county construction and other contracts.

Tackling Our Biggest Challenges

  • Chelsa Wagner is the only Allegheny County Elected Official loudly and consistently calling on UPMC to stop putting profits before patients in Western Pennsylvania.
  • Wagner’s tireless efforts to ensure that our water in the City of Pittsburgh remains safe and public led to Attorney General Shapiro charging PWSA with negligence for not alerting our residents to safety concerns regarding lead levels in our drinking water. 
  • Controller Wagner has a long history of fighting for our region’s working families. Her office was the first in local government to institute a paid family leave policy and her office maintains a $15 minimum wage.

Demanding the Democracy we deserve

  • As Controller, Chelsa Wagner holds our county government accountable. She has never once put politics over people and always advocates for you. 
  • Whether its making sure that our region’s corporations aren’t poisoning their employees and communities, or calling out corruption and conflicts of interest – you, the citizens of Allegheny County, are Chelsa’s first priority.
  • Chelsa Wagner will always fight to make sure that Allegheny County is a fair, equitable, and safe place for ALL of our residents.

Chelsa Wagner:
Leading the way

The first woman to serve as Allegheny County Controller. The first in local government to institute paid family leave. The first Allegheny County Controller to institute performance auditing – the highest professional standard. The first to implement a $15 minimum wage in an Allegheny County office.


Chelsa is a proven leader, and has leveraged her position to help others who come after her. In 2017, she was part of a group of Western Pennsylvania women who formed Women for the Future Pittsburgh, an organization dedicated to providing financial support and guidance for progressive female candidates who are committed to disrupt the crippling political inertia in Western Pennsylvania and improve the quality of life for all in our region through bold and thoughtful leadership. 


Leadership comes in many forms, and by any measure, Chelsa Wagner is leading the way.


Leading the way in Allegheny County for 7 years.

· Introduced the OpenGov and County Contracts Online platforms, delivering real-time financial and spending data to taxpayers.

· Became the first know Pennsylvania office to institute paid family leave for all employees.

· Saved millions and decreased payment times through electronic invoicing for County vendors.

· Insisted on no-cost lead water line replacements for PWSA customers, and continued public ownership of our water.


Making sure that your government operates upfront and honestly.

· Brought her Auditing division to the highest professional standards as one of only four peer-reviewed local government auditing agencies in Pa.

· Fought in court to affirm her office's right to conduct performance audits of vital County functions impacting our residents.

· Revealed deficient health care practices in the County Jail, leading to the dismissal of the former private contractor.

· Urged the Health Dept. to take stronger enforcement actions on polluters and spend the Clean Air Fund on public health priorities.


Ensuring that YOUR tax dollars are being spent responsibly and in your interest.

· Called for a comprehensive review of "charity" tax exemptions in the County that cost taxpayers tens of millions annually.

· Exposed fraudulent use of County vehicles. resulting in recovery of misused taxpayer funds.

· Advocated using the Transit Fund surplus from the Drink Tax to bring bus routes to areas lacking service.

· Engaged residents to reveal the real story of how the UPMC-Higmark divorce would harm patients and families, leading to a settlement maintaining access for thousands.


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